Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Penny Ann's

5 out of 5 forks
1810 S. Main, Salt Lake City UT
Wednesday 3:45pm
$23.67 for two

If we could choose 6 forks, this would be the place that gets it!  Kim had never heard of this place, Kelly had heard about it from work.  So we ventured out this afternoon to try it out.  We heard they had the best pies.  

We arrived at 3:45 and found out it closes at 4:00.  We got there just in time.  There was one other couple there as customers and the family who runs the place.  It was clean and cozy.  Cindy seated us and was quite pleasant, making good conversation each time she came near.  Penny served us and was quite friendly as well, giving recommendations as well as sharing some family stories. 

Kelly ordered sourdough pepperjack grilled cheese and Kim ordered a chicken cordon bleu sandwich.  We also ordered sweet potato fries as an appetizer.  We were told the family is from New York, so fry sauce was a new thing to them.  They created their own version and we have to agree it is the best fry sauce we have both had.  The sweet potato fries were pretty close to perfect as well.  Kelly ate much more than she should have and blamed Kim. 

Kim couldn't decide if she wanted fish and chips or this cordon bleu sandwich, and Penny suggested the cordon bleu.  She recommended quite well.  It was delicious.  Kelly's sandwich was "nummy" and she would definitely order it again.  She was surprised it wasn't a greasy sandwich as many grilled cheese sandwiches are.

Then came time to choose some pie.  They didn't seem be out of any flavor and recommended quite a few.  This was a difficult decision for both of us, but we ended up finally getting to it.  Kelly ordered chocolate peanut butter and Kim ordered one of her old stand by's, key lime.  Kelly's pie was also "nummy" (I'm thinking she's in a food coma from this delicious meal).  She did say she isn't sure it was the best pie she's had, and she will have to come back for more to make a decision.  Kim's key lime pie was very good, but she as well can't yet say it is "the best".  She wants to try various flavors before she comes to a decision. 

Our total for appetizer, meal, and dessert was $23.67.  And we each got a free pen!  We both signed up for the Penny Ann's Cafe Club with the promise of free pie on our birthdays and anniversary.  We didn't have to be asked twice. 

Definitely a place we will visit again and again.  We highly recommend it.

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