Friday, June 22, 2012

Restaurant Morelia

3 out of 5 forks 
Restaurant Morelia 
6098 S. State St, Murray UT 
Friday 6:24 pm 
$18.28 for two

We arrived and were told there would be a 15 minute wait.  There were three other couples and a small family waiting as well.  We were seated in 6 minutes.  While this was quite impressive, the place where we were sitting was fairly hot.  

The chips and salsa was good, not too spicy, but the salsa was heavy on cilantro.  Not either of our favorite flavor.  

Our server was Niltza and she was quite nice and attentive, even though the restaurant was quite packed and busy.  (Which made it also very much on the noisy side).  They even brought a pitcher of water for us, which is always something which will impress the both of us to no end.  

The menu was nice and Kelly was very excited about the make your own combo option!  she ordered a combo 3, which is a bean tostada, cheese enchilada, and she substituted the chili verde for a bean and cheese burrito.  Kim ordered a bean and cheese chimichanga with no tomatoes or lettuce.  We were impressively served by 6:49.   

The rice that came with Kim's meal was rather tasteless.  Kelly's cheese enchilada had so much cheese, she couldn't find her tortilla.  She said, "I love a lot of cheese, but I do like a tortilla."

Our total bill for two entrees was $18.28.

We have to give this three forks, even though the service was fast and friendly.  The heat, noise, and overall taste of the meal had to bring us down a few forks.  Kelly said she'd not go back again on purpose, and Kim is not interested in returning.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Penny Ann's

5 out of 5 forks
1810 S. Main, Salt Lake City UT
Wednesday 3:45pm
$23.67 for two

If we could choose 6 forks, this would be the place that gets it!  Kim had never heard of this place, Kelly had heard about it from work.  So we ventured out this afternoon to try it out.  We heard they had the best pies.  

We arrived at 3:45 and found out it closes at 4:00.  We got there just in time.  There was one other couple there as customers and the family who runs the place.  It was clean and cozy.  Cindy seated us and was quite pleasant, making good conversation each time she came near.  Penny served us and was quite friendly as well, giving recommendations as well as sharing some family stories. 

Kelly ordered sourdough pepperjack grilled cheese and Kim ordered a chicken cordon bleu sandwich.  We also ordered sweet potato fries as an appetizer.  We were told the family is from New York, so fry sauce was a new thing to them.  They created their own version and we have to agree it is the best fry sauce we have both had.  The sweet potato fries were pretty close to perfect as well.  Kelly ate much more than she should have and blamed Kim. 

Kim couldn't decide if she wanted fish and chips or this cordon bleu sandwich, and Penny suggested the cordon bleu.  She recommended quite well.  It was delicious.  Kelly's sandwich was "nummy" and she would definitely order it again.  She was surprised it wasn't a greasy sandwich as many grilled cheese sandwiches are.

Then came time to choose some pie.  They didn't seem be out of any flavor and recommended quite a few.  This was a difficult decision for both of us, but we ended up finally getting to it.  Kelly ordered chocolate peanut butter and Kim ordered one of her old stand by's, key lime.  Kelly's pie was also "nummy" (I'm thinking she's in a food coma from this delicious meal).  She did say she isn't sure it was the best pie she's had, and she will have to come back for more to make a decision.  Kim's key lime pie was very good, but she as well can't yet say it is "the best".  She wants to try various flavors before she comes to a decision. 

Our total for appetizer, meal, and dessert was $23.67.  And we each got a free pen!  We both signed up for the Penny Ann's Cafe Club with the promise of free pie on our birthdays and anniversary.  We didn't have to be asked twice. 

Definitely a place we will visit again and again.  We highly recommend it.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mama's Plantation

2 out of 5 forks
Mama's Plantation
7194 Union Park Avenue  Midvale, UT
Southern/Soul Food
Thursday 11:30am
$18.74 for two
This one was hard to find as there is no signage saying "Mama's Plantation" other than on the door.  Kim had eaten at one of these restaurants a few years ago, but since that one closed down, as had all other locations, we thought maybe this might be a bit better than her previous experience.  Unfortunately, it was not.  
We arrived at 11:30am and were the only customers there.  No one else ever arrived.  We were served by a very nice young woman named Nashia.  She was attentive and kind, but once she delivered part of our meal with earphones in, music playing so loudly we could hear the words.  Yet, she was somehow able to hear us.  
Our table was small and the tablecloths were a cute plastic pink.  The setting was intended to be as if we were in the old south.  It was a good attempt, other than the TVs on the wall playing TNT.  We ordered at 11:37 and most of the meal came out 20 minutes later for a meal "made to order."  
Kelly ordered mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and biscuits.  Kim ordered pulled pork and fries.  When the food came, the biscuit and mashed potatoes weren't ready, but the potatoes did arrive a few moments later.  The biscuit took another 15.  
The food was really nothing to brag about.  It could have been quite amazing with a bit more effort.  The only thing "real" or "homemade" as advertised were the potatoes.  Even the biscuit was the refrigerator kind.  Very disappointing.  For dessert we asked for sweet potato pie, but they were out.  So we settled for peach cobbler, which was pretty good, though they were skimpy on the ice cream.  Overall the food was quite pricey for the amount we received. 

Total cost was $18.74 - and they only take cash or check.  And for some reason, it took Nashia a total of 5 minutes to go to some other location in the building for change.
The good news is that the bathrooms were very clean.  As was the kitchen, which we could see from the cash register.  Except for that fried chicken in the fryer .... kind of scary for a restaurant with no customers in sight.  How long is that going to be sitting there before it's served?

This is a place we do not recommend and to which we will not be returning.  We're really disappointed since this place has such amazing potential.  I imagine it ran much nicer when Mama was the one doing the cooking.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


5 out of 5 forks
1872 West 5400 South, Taylorsville, UT
Ice Cream
Saturday 8:50pm
$18.52 for three 

Once again we dragged our vegan friend along, wondering if our favorite ice cream shop could please him.  And they did!  

Even though the restaurant was extremely full and very busy, we were seated within 3 minutes.  This is a place that is quite hopping on weekend nights, and this makes for a very loud gathering.  If you don't mind the noise, you'll be in for an amazing treat.  We think the goods are well worth the noise.  

We were served by Traci, who happens to be part of the family who owns Leatherby's.  We could tell since her photo is on the front of the menu with the rest of the Cooley bunch.  She was quite friendly and attentive. 

Kim ordered Rob's banana split with no nuts, Kelly ordered Traci's peanut butter cup with pecans, and Kendall ordered Sue's ice cream soda with raspberry sorbet, pineapple syrup, and no whipped cream.  Regardless of the packed restaurant, the order came fairly quickly, and they got our special requests just right. 

Our treats totaled $18.52, which does not seem a lot once you've tasted the goodness.  We left feeling very filled and quite satisfied after this wonderful adventure.  Highly recommending this place and will surely be returning!  I think they have another set of regulars.


5 out of 5 forks
136 East 12300 South Draper, Utah
Saturday 7:20pm
$35.54 for three

This is actually one of Kelly's favorite restaurants, so obviously it's going to get 5 forks!  Kim may have given it four forks, but only because the air conditioning was broken that day and it was quite warm.  The cleanliness also wasn't up to her standards, but almost.  

We took our vegan friend, Kendall, this time, so there was going to be some proving to do.  They did quite well.  We arrived at 7:20 and were seated in three minutes, even though we requested a circular booth rather than what was readily available.  Our server was Rochelle, and she was nice and attentive, and apologized for the broken air conditioning.  

At Mexican restaurants, Kim is hard to please with the chips and salsa, but Guadalahonky's passed her test.  The salsa was quite good, in her opinion, which means it tasted right and was not too spicy.  Readers should be aware that "spicy" to Kim is likely not spicy to most.  It's always a treat when the chips and salsa pass the Kim test! 

Our orders were hard to fill, but Guadalahonky's was nearly perfect.  Kim ordered a pulled beef chimichanga with enchilada sauce and found it quite delicious.  Kelly ordered a veggie chimichanga (this is one of the few places she can get one of these) without peppers and onions, and the filling is actually from a mix.  The cooks had to pick out the peppers and onions to fill this order, and they did it!  She also ordered it with guacamole on the side and no sauce.   Kendall ordered veggie fajitas with cheese and sour cream on the side (to share with Kelly, of course).  This restaurant filled the requests without a hitch.  We were served our meal at 7:49, only having to wait 20 minutes.  

The only complaint was when Kendall had to order more tortillas for his fajitas, as they only delivered three with his order.  He paid $1.49 for three more.  

Our total bill was $35.54 for three entrees, no appetizers and no desserts.  We felt it was a decent price for the meal we received and enjoyed.  This is definitely a place we'll visit again! 

Friday, June 1, 2012


5 out of 5 forks
Siragusa's Italian Restaurant
4155 S. Redwood Road, Taylorsville UT
Friday 5:55pm
$40.28 for two


As we walked up to this hole in the wall restaurant, recommended by CityWeekly, the hostess opened the door to greet us, as if she were watching us get out of the car and saw us coming up to the door.  The restaurant was amazingly empty for a Friday night, which may have been a bad sign, but this little place ended up not disappointing in any regard.  A graduation party came in soon after we were seated and by the time we were done with our meal, the restaurant was mostly filled.  

Kelley was our server, and she was incredibly personable, good-natured, and full of teasing jibes which made our time there quite pleasant.  There were many servers for the small restaurant, each one likely having no more than five tables to attend to.  All the servers were friendly and interacted well with all the diners there.  The hostess was even attentive to our table, once bringing us water, and several times checking to see if we needed anything.  As we were finishing our meal, Mr. Siragusa himself came to the table to see if our meal was adequate.  At the table behind us, he greeted one of the diners by name.

The food was absolutely delicious from the appetizers to the desserts.  The Trio Appetizer includes mozzarella triangles, fried zucchini, and fried calamari.  Kim made faces about the thought of eating squid, so Kelley offered to leave the calamari off and give bigger portions of mozzarella and zucchini, but not before saying, "Shut up!" in a teasing way, as if Kim were going to be difficult to please.  The appetizers came out fairly quickly with a tasty marinara sauce and a yummy mild dill sauce.  
For our entrees, Kelly ordered the manicotti and Kim ordered the sweet potato gnocchi, minus the onions and mushrooms, to which Kelley said, "Oh God!" in her fun, teasing way.  While waiting for our entrees, we both drank a lot of water, causing the waitress some fodder for continued jibing, and eventually the hostess gave us our own pitcher!  The meal came at 6:37 with apologies from Kelley due to many call in orders they had to fill.  The manicotti is to die for and the gnocchi was surprisingly tasty.  When we return, Kim may just go for the manicotti herself!  Kelly has a habit of eating only about half of her meal, and when this was noticed by Kelley, she approached the table and said, "You're not eating," and a friendly banter ensued which looked a lot like "Uh huh" "Nuh uh" "Uh huh" "Nuh uh."  Very entertaining for Kim, for sure. 

Dessert was very nice.  Kelly ordered chocolate mousse, which Kelley told us was a fairly new creation for the restaurant, and Kim ordered canolli.  Both of these desserts were delicious and highly recommended, particularly that mousse! There was even a point after finishing our desserts when Kelley had Kelly recommend the mousse to a fellow diner in the booth behind ours!  Kelly raved.  

When we got the bill, Kelley thanked us for our patience and touched Kim on the shoulder in the process, which seemed a nice gesture.  And once the bill was paid, she also touched Kelly on the shoulder thanking her for visiting.  The total bill for appetizers, entrees, and desserts was $40.28.  
An added bonus for this restaurant was the wi-fi, Kelly's favorite, which she was able to log onto when Kelley gave her the password. 

Overall this was a satisfying experience.  The restaurant was clean, the food amazing, the service grand, and the price was just right.  We highly recommend this little joint to anyone who wants an enjoyable Italian food experience.